The Midwesterners
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"Pecatonica Mud", the title of the new Midwesterners CD in the works right now. We hope to be dropping songs soon, including the title song "Pecatonica Mud", and we'll eventually release a full album. The drum tracks for this CD were laid down almost two years ago at our drummer Mark Haines' studio Williamson Magnetic. That was an all analog studio and soon after that he had to close it. We had always thought we might be able to finish the CD at my home studio, but with Mark's closing a business, and various family responsibilities and life events, that got pushed back to March 2020, and then covid hit. I sat on the drum tracks for most of 2020, but in the fall, feeling a bit more mortal because of covid and having turned 71, I decided I needed to finish the CD. Mark has devoted much of his career to recording to tape, but he decided to tackle digital recording. I've had Protools recording software set up at home for some time. Mark got set up with Protools, and we got to work. This is a big project, being our fourth studio album, and Mark had to learn digital recording from scratch. Tom recorded a few bass tracks at Mark's studio two years ago, but we weren't able to get Ernie involved in the project. Having never done home recording before, while holding down a full-time job, with a family in the midst of covid, Ernie already had his hands full.
We'll keep you updated on our progress and if you'd like to help with this or other projects, you can contribute here. A payment of $17 will get you the full "Pecatonica Mud" CD delivered to you. thank you. Richard Wiegel 518 W. Lakeside St. #2, Madison, WI 53715
CD cover art by Jim McKiernan

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