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Star Wars
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Well it's not by me, and I may get in trouble for it, but here is Clicker's rendition of Star Wars circa 1978. Steve Tracy on bass, Cubby Tracy on drums, Ron Page on keys, me on guitar, and Syd Williams (Greg's Guitar Shop) on sound effects. A live, board recording, I'm not sure where. I do remember learning this song in one day, along with recording the sound effects to cassette tape, and hitting the road again the next day. I love the arrangement, I think it rocks. Picture big lights and sound and maybe even flashbombs. And I probably couldn't name the different chords in it, let alone play it right now! I tried to load up a Clicker pic but my skills didn't allow me to do that. Enjoy.
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Song Length: 4:20
Primary Genre: Unique-Soundtracks
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