The Midwesterners
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Can't Slow Down
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Lyric Credits: Richard Wiegel
Music Credits: Richard Wiegel
Producer Credits: Mike Hoffmann/Richard Wiegel
Publisher Credits: We Bend Music
Performance Credits: Mike Hoffmann guitar, Richard Wiegel guitar-vocals, Dennis Reifsteck standup bass, Mark Haines drums
Label Credits: Darlingtone Records
Song Length 2:51
Primary Genre Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll
Secondary Genre Country-Honky Tonk

Headed down the turnpike travelin? fast
Outta control headed for a crash
Tryin? to get off tryin? to turn around
But I can?t slow this mercury down

Well I can?t slow down, said I can?t slow down
Can?t seem to get my feet on the ground
Head over heals and tryin? to hang on
But I can?t slow this mercury down

She?s a pretty girl she?s the kind that make
You step on the gas let your foot off the brake
Leavin? the ground like a 747
I hope that little girl is takin? me to heaven

Cause I can?t slow down, said I can?t slow down
Pedal to the floor 90 miles an hour
That pretty little girl got me spinnin? round
And I can?t slow this mercury down

Flyin? high just a little bit faster
Look like another aviation disaster
Headline read, ?Ford Left Ground?
?Don?t look like he ever gonna touch down?